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In order to settle complaints correctly, Arx Groep has set up a complaints procedure. We use a standard electronic complaint form that can be completed by the complainant. Arx Groep usually provides information by telephone or e-mail. We prefer to settle complaints directly with our customers, especially when they can be resolved fast (by telephone, for instance) and to the satisfaction of both parties. In other cases, the complaint will have to be recorded electronically. Electronic complaints will be recorded by means of the standard complaint form, stating the date on which it is received. We make a similar electronic note of complaints that are submitted by telephone and cannot be resolved immediately. Apart from the date of the telephone call, the note also states the following:
  • the name and contact details (e-mail address and/or telephone number) of the caller;
  • the name of the company, if any;
  • the name of the recipient;
  • a description of the complaint;
  • a description of other relevant comments and agreements.
If the complaint form is drawn up in a foreign language and a translation is required in order to process the complaint correctly, the complainant himself must provide a translation. Definition of complaint A complaint within the meaning of this procedure is every electronically recorded and asserted manifestation of dissatisfaction from a complainant in connection with the handling, treatment or performance of a service by a person employed by Arx Groep, which is experienced as incorrect. Proof of receipt  Arx Groep will send the complainant digital proof of receipt within a maximum of fourteen days of receiving the complaint. This notice states whether or not the complaint is admissible. If the complainant’s complaint is admissible, the proof of receipt will, in any case, include the following information:
  1. the date on which the complaint was received;
  2. the term within which the complaint will be settled;
  3. the name and telephone number of the person handling the complaint;
  4. a reference to the website, together with a link to the complaints procedure.
No obligation to process a complaint  Arx Groep is not obliged to process a complaint if:
  • it relates to an action with regard to which a complaint was previously submitted and processed;
  • the action took place more than half a year before the complaint was submitted;
  • the complainant’s interest or the seriousness of the action is apparently insufficient; or
  • the complaint relates to the content, reasoning, the manner in which a decision of a Disputes Committee and/or an external complaints committee is made or not, including decisions of a procedural nature that are made within that framework.
If a complaint will not be processed, Arx Groep will notify the complainant as soon as possible but no later than four weeks after receiving the description of the complaint. Processing Arx Groep may ask the complainant or third parties for more information in order to assess and/or settle the claim. During every phase of the complaints procedure, Arx Groep may ascertain whether the complainant can be contented by settling his complaint in an informal way. As soon as Arx Groep has dealt with the complainant’s complaint to the latter’s satisfaction, the obligation to further apply this procedure will lapse. Processing time For less complicated complaints that do not require an intensive investigation and for which no external parties need to be involved, for instance, a response within a couple of days is appropriate. The aim is to call the complainant within 48 hours. In the case of other complaints, Arx Groep will respond with one of the following decisions within four weeks of receiving a complaint: a. the complaint is not justified; b. the complaint is fully or partially justified. The decision and the consequences thereof are substantiated by the complaints handler and announced to the complainant electronically or by telephone. If a complaint cannot be settled within four weeks, the complaints handler will notify the complainant, stating the reasons and the term within which the complaint will be processed. The complaints handler will then notify the complainant within this specified term about the way in which the complaint will be settled. Closing a complaint A complaint is closed if the complainant withdraws his complaint after it emerges, following consultation with the complainant, that the complainant no longer wishes for the complaint to be further processed, or if Arx Groep has settled the complaint and the decision and the consequences thereof have been followed up. The complainant is notified of the fact that a complaint is no longer processed, stating the reasons. Internal information and archiving After the complaint is processed, Arx Groep will keep the original complaint form and a copy of the electronic closure notice for a period of seven years. Other documents will be destroyed. Furthermore, a record is kept of all complaints received. Effective date and publication This procedure comes into effect on 1 October 2019 and can be referred to as the “Arx Groep Complaints Procedure”. This complaints procedure will be published on the website of Arx Groep and can be sent to you electronically after your relevant request by telephone on +31 (0)85 273 5982 or by e-mail via

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