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Digital convenience for the real estate professional and consumer

About Us

ArxGroep consists of a growing team of specialists who bring suppliers, real estate specialists and consumers together by creating digital convenience. We bring supply and demand together. Creating Convenience.


Our Strength

We derive our strength from creating digital convenience for the real estate industry and the consumer. ArxGroep has its roots in real estate, owns market leader labels for expat connection services, unburdens the many real estate specialists in the Netherlands and utilizes online concepts.


Our Roots

With roots in the real estate market, we distinguish ourselves as ArxGroep with simple digital solutions for real estate professionals, suppliers and consumers. We know what our partners expect from us: simple, profitable (online) solutions.

Annually our solutions reach:

Real estate professionals




Our Partners

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 Every day, more than 250 products and services are purchased from our suppliers.

Creating Convenience

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