About Us

Coming from real estate, we know what our partners expect from us.

Our Strength

We derive our strength from creating digital convenience for the real estate industry and the consumer. ArxGroep has its roots in real estate, owns market leader labels for expat connection services, unburdens the many real estate specialists in the Netherlands and utilizes online concepts. Creating Convenience. ArxGroep consists of an expanding team of specialists who bring together suppliers, real estate professionals and consumers by creating digital convenience. That is how we connect supply with demand. We started out as pioneers and have developed into enthusiastic concept developers who listen to business clients and end users. Let us convert your complicated, time-consuming processes into simple, profitable (online) solutions.


Our young team is always exploring new ways to make real estate 'smarter'.

Our Roots

Coming from the real estate industry, ArxGroep stands out by providing straightforward digital solutions for real estate professionals, suppliers and consumers. Our strength lies in the combination of our real estate knowledge with our passion for technology. And that is how we create digital convenience within the real estate chain. We are fascinated by niches. We connect suppliers and consumers in a straightforward way. Within the real estate market, and outside it. Our team of specialists is always looking for smart technology to convert complicated, time-consuming processes into intuitive, profitable digital solutions. Creating Digital Convenience.


Our IT developments

We are operating in a fast paced world. We build and create by ourselves, but we are also working on a customer SaaS solution together with various specialists. Our approach is based on entrepreneurship and our experience in creating convenience. We are always curious about the latest technological developments like blockchain and AI and we enjoy making smart use of them. ArxGroep is a young, commercial, innovative, multi-disciplinary IT company that develops real estate-oriented concepts. We see ourselves as a party that conceives, creates, develops and delivers. In other words, we unburden our customers and partners.