Creating Convenience

ArxGroep helps with the digitalization of the real estate industry. Within the next 5 years, every specialist, supplier and consumer in real estate will exclusively handle their services, products, processes and transactions for comfortable living digitally and online.  

Customer oriented

Digital convenience

For real estate professionals and consumers

Our Labels

With our labels we provide digital convenience for the real estate professional and consumer. From complicated processes to user-friendly and time-saving digital solutions for the real estate sector to concluding contracts such as energy, TV and internet for consumers; We are ready for you! Check out our solutions ProPropertyPartners and DeOpnameApp for real estate professionals. Or check out our connection services PartnerPete and Maandlasten Manager where you as a consumer can easily compare and arrange utilities or receive free advice.

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Annually our solutions reach:

2000 Real Estate Professionals
250 Suppliers
25.000 Consumers

About Us

ArxGroep consists of an expanding team of specialists who bring together real estate professionals, suppliers and consumers by creating digital convenience. That is how we connect supply with demand. We started out as pioneers and have developed into enthusiastic concept developers with a knack for niche markets. Let us convert your complicated, time-consuming processes into simple, profitable (online) solutions.  Read more


       Every day, more than 250 products and services are purchased from our suppliers.